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In October 2014,   CUTE project carried out a surgical mission in Benin. Evanthia (occupational Therapist) was invited to the join the cute team on this mission in order to assist with rehabilitation.  
Part of the therapy role included

a)Management of scars through the design and construction of specialized pressure garments
b)Design and construction of splints aimed at supporting limbs in specific positions according to individual needs.

The work that she was able to do would not have been possible without the generous donation of material by SAETRA HEALTH
Saetra HEALTH is a South African based company which assists practitioners in the medical profession in obtaining equipment, tools and materials needed to fully and professionally do their job.
Saetra Health was kind enough to donate a number of materials including pressure garment material and splinting material (thermoplastic and Velcro). Ordinarily these materials are very expensive and are not readily available even in a first world setting.  As such it was a huge privilege to receive this wonderful donation which was used to better the lives of many patients treated during the mission.
Cute project would therefore like to once again extend a heart-felt thank you to SAETRA HEALTH for their generous sponsorship.

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