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Letter to CUTE

Cute Project Onlus

I am Helene and I am the representative of CUTE in South Africa. I have been organising surgery for badly burned children of Africa for the past ten years and hope to do it for the rest of my life. It is a huge honour for me to represent CUTE in South Africa.
This year I have organised the release of contractures to the arms and neck of a boy from Madagascar, whom we have saved from inevitable death in 2012. Zaka Kely Razafindranovona received third degree burns on 65 % of his body in August 2011. Because his family could not afford any medical costs, he was sent home to die. For 5 months he lay on a dirty mattress in a hut in rural Madagascar. His only treatment was that of the “sangoma “ (spiritual healer), who spat on the wounds and then wrapped them in banana leaves .The wounds were badly infected and his arms and neck severely contracted by the time Christian missionaries found him in April 2012. We flew him to South Africa and the first of two sets of operations were done.
This is the type of work that I do and hope to continue doing in collaboration with CUTE.
Looking forward to working with a great team!
Dr Helene van Rhyn

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