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HOSPITAL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF KINSHASA – Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)- From  29 November to 13 December 2013

The project started from the need to provide healthcare  specifically requested by the  Hospital of the University of  Kinshasa and followed by the official invitation on the account of the Minister of Health of the Congo dated 7 November 2013.

Cute Project has planned and carried out the mission with the aim of offering free training both theoretical and practical to local medical staff in the field of  Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.  The surgical activities were free and oriented to the specific needs of the population such as the treatment of  burns and scar outcomes mainly in children. Hospital of the University of  Kinshasa.

MOSSAKA – HOSPITAL- Congo Brazzaville – July 2014

In Brazzaville, capital of the Congo, our representants Sajda Bencivelli, in charge of administration and Prof. Gilberto Magliacani, president of  Fondazione Piemontese per gli Studi e le Ricerche sulle Ustioni Simone Teich Alasia Onlus, former responsible of Centro Ustioni di Torino, went on a fact-finding mission.

Pictures of the Mission