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Children suffering burns and other disabilities in Africa, suffer again, because there is a desperate lack of surgical opportunity combined with families unable to pay for their children’s surgery.  It is difficult to convey the heartbreak and sadness experienced daily.  Surgery would change the lives and futures of these children forever.  Some of those that survive to adulthood are socially shunned and have little prospect of employment or normal social lives.

Poverty is the biggest barrier in their lives, but there is a worldwide consortium of health professionals who are donating their skills and time to help these children.

The Cute Project is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to meet the medical needs of affected children.  These include accidental or deliberate burns and disfiguring birth defects.

Cute comprises an exceptional lead medical team from Italy, with the support of dedicated people and health care practitioners from South Africa and Australia.

Cute Australia relies on volunteers and donations to further support this vital medical work for the Italian team.   For example, Cute Project have just completed a successful surgical outreach in Benin in West Africa and will be returning to the Congo in 2015 to continue their vital work with disadvantaged children.

Cute’s reconstructive plastic surgery allows these children the prospect of living social and productive lives.  The team members’ dedication, compassion and love towards these children has been overwhelming.  As part of its aim, it is involved in the theoretical and practical training of health personnel in developing countries.

Noreen Davern is the Australian Representative of Cute Project.  Noreen worked with Cute Project in the Congo Nov/Dec 2013 as a Remedial Massage Therapist, specialising in burns scar tissue management.  For further information email

Noreen has been involved in fundraising in Australia through raffle ticket sales and massage treatments held at a variety of local festivals with the support of her dedicated team.  While involved in these activities, the team have been actively delivering the Cute Project message.

To help rebuild the lives of these disadvantaged children and support the training of local health professionals in Africa, donations can be made at the Cute Project website

For any further enquiries, including volunteering, please contact Sajda Bencivelli on